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Have you ever been involved with a group of people? Maybe you went to a family reunion, a vacation tour or even a conference where a lot of people are around. Don't you find that there is always at least one in the group who is the dreadful complainer?  This person can find something wrong in everything you do, see, eat, drink, ride or read. Unfortunately, we are all guilty of complaining in some form or another.

Complaining is one of the most unattractive characteristics a person can have. Some say that even a sigh is a form of complaint. It can have a lot of meanings but it most closely tied to fatigue and look out if it is accompanied by an eye roll. But this sigh, even though softly spoken and subtle, indicates a dissatisfaction of some kind.

Verbal complaints, however, leave nothing to the imagination. Once a complaint is made, those around you know exactly what the problem is and usually why.  A complainer in the group gets old very quickly.

The sad part is, complaining so says so much about you. Others may see you as difficult, high maintenance, angry inside, prideful, controlling, and hard to please. What's worse is that people may avoid you or just not invite you to future gatherings.

The best thing a complainer can do is close up complaining shop. Go back to the old saying "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." It's not a bad rule to live by.

Another way to nip complaining in the bud is instead of seeing and verbalizing what's wrong with things, try to find what's right with things. You may have been planning a weekend at the beach but the weather forecast proclaims a rainy time, you can still rent some movies or bring some board games and enjoy the family time. In other words, find ways to make the most of your situations.

Complaining is an ugly characteristic no matter how beautiful you are on the outside. Let your inner beauty show by closing your internal complaint department and looking at everything in a positive light.

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Close Your Complaint Department

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This article was published on 2010/03/28